8 Features of a Impressive Website Design

A website cannot succeed without good design. Learn features to incorporate on your website, including a clean and easy layout, responsive design, videos, and animations.

Website content is very important, but without an excellent design, users won’t stick on your page long enough to read your content.

Web design needs many creativity to stay visitors on your website, and for this, you would like to rent a designer who knows about modern website design.

Below are seven web design features to enhance your small business:


7 Features of a Successful Website Design

  1. Clean and simple layout
  2. Mobile-responsive design
  3. Dynamic videos
  4. Animated components
  5. Particular web design
  6. Slopes
  7. Outlines
  8. Content writing(unique content)


1. Clean and Simple Layout

Less is more has become the success mantra of modern web design. Jumbled, disorderly formats can weaken your message and overwhelm your website visitors.


A clean, simple design immediately draws the attention to the foremost significant components of your website — which is usually your call to action.

Additionally, a spotless, smooth format never looks obsolete. Your clean web design will likely still be compelling within the future, so you will not need to keep redesigning your website.


2. Mobile-Responsive Design

The World Advertising research facility predicts that 72% of internet users are going to be mobile-only by 2025(link is external), so responsive design isn't going anywhere. you need to make your website useful on mobile.

Website designers, too, must adopt a mobile-first strategy.



3. Dynamic Videos

Video has become a crucial a part of a website’s success.

Presently, moving visuals are everywhere the place — from our social feeds and music apps to even advertisements on train platforms. they're important to all or any sorts of websites, too.

Using a full-page video foundation on your site may be a magnificent visual narrating instrument. It promptly arouses the user's curiosity and brings them into the story of your image.

Videos also keep users on your site — people spend 2.6 times longer on website pages with videos(link is external).



4. Animated Components

You can prefer to have animations instead of videos on your site.

Animations are a unprecedented method to form perusing your website an increasingly intuitive encounter without reducing your website's speed, which sometimes happens with videos.

Liveliness are often consolidated into your web design from multiple points of view.

A web designer for hire(link is external) may select to use animated “character” representations to bring clients into the account of the web site or show how their items work.

Others use molecule foundations to feature movement to their website in an outwardly engaging manner, as should be evident within the above model from Heco.

Animations can make the foremost ordinary parts your website a pleasant and intuitive experience for your client.

You can use Canva Animator on Canva Pro(link is external) to form animated illustrations for your website. With six distinctive activity styles, you'll change your static pictures to movements, which may then be downloaded as a GIF or movie and transferred to your website.


5. Particular Web Design

Particular web design has become a backbone in website design. it's the utilization of boxes to sensibly prepared substance.

This visual pattern can add evenness to your web design.

Pixality Design(link is external) may be a exemplar of particular web design. the web site uses boxes convey the various services the organization offers.


6. Slopes

Though a staple of ’90s corporate design, colorful angles made a rebound in 2018, and their popularity has lasted.

Slopes are the steady progress starting with one color then onto subsequent , making a mixed impact. they're successful because they add an active array of color to your website during a manner that does not feel overwhelming.

Slopes also can add extra visual profundity to your website design, as they create a dynamic, nearly multi-dimensional impact.



7. Outlines

Regardless of whether it's three-dimensional kids’ shows, abstract shapes, or animated designs, outlines provide contrast to static symbolism on websites.

Outlines can assist you clarify unique ideas, as they will be utilized in charts or infographics.

Outlines also are useful for giving your image an increasingly customized “human” feel without counting on stock photographs or photo-shoots.


8.Content writing(Unique Content)

Content writing is that the process of planning, writing and editing web page , typically for digital marketing purposes. It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, also as content for specific platforms, like Twitter, facebook, or text posts on Reddit.

Unique content plays a key role in search rankings because search algorithms rate unique content highly and may penalize websites for posting duplicate content.

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