How Coronavirus Pandemic Has Improved the Delivery Business Worldwide

I am quite sure that by now you all must be aware of the Covid-19, the novel Coronavirus that started in Wuhan in December 2019 has now become a deadly disease. it’s infected quite 7.94M people worldwide with total casualties crossing 435K. and therefore the saddest part is that count goes up every second.

Coronavirus has adversely affected the worldwide economy. Name any sector, be it hospitality, goods, airlines, transport, or the other , all face unprecedented lows.

But even during this grim situation has an unseen benefit for few industries. in this article, we are getting to discuss an equivalent .


Online Grocery delivery

Online Grocery delivery is one other business that has seen massive surge within the past few months. People in China are now going for online groceries to fulfill their daily food supply. As per the French retailer Carrefour, there has been a rise of 600% within the vegetable deliveries during the lunar New Year period. Moreover, the Chinese online retailer witnessed a growth of 215% year over year to a huge 15000 tons during a brief period of 10-day ranging from late Jan to early Feb.

This scenario isn’t only restricted to China, even within the US, the grocery delivery apps are witnessing record number of downloads. As per the info from Apptopia, various online grocery apps which include Walmart Grocery, Instacart, Shipt, and lots of others saw another record number of downloads.

If we compare the typical daily downloads in February to March 15, then Shipt, Instacart, and Walmart Grocery have witnessed 124%, 218%, and 160% respectively.

Generally, this apps see around tens of thousands to 20k+ downloads during a day. But on 15th March, InstaCart recorded around 38,50 downloads. Similarly, Walmart Grocery witnessed nearly 54,000 downloads.


Mail and delivery services

Mail and delivery services have also been distressed thanks to COVID-19 pandemic. However, most of them are continuing to work , although it’s affected its delivery speed. U.S. mail service letter carriers carried on with their work of delivering mail from door-to-door across the region.

FedEx announced that they’re sanitizing their equipment, whereas UPS continued to work as per the local regulations.

A spokesperson from USPS said during a statement that the mail is currently not facing any impacts on the operations thanks to the pandemic. However, they’re reviewing contingency plans just in case they’re required.

According to the CDC, there’s a really low chance of coronavirus spreading via the products and packages that are shipped over numerous days thanks to poor suitability of the virus on surfaces.

The union comprises 1,400 area postal clerks, maintenance workers, and truck drivers. consistent with a politician , they’re in constant touch with the local authorities to make sure that there are enough cleaning facilities available at various branches.


Food delivery

Experts believe that restaurant companies and third-party delivery firms can boost their earnings by providing meals to the hungry self-isolated consumers.

Many companies like zomato,  Foodpanda,  Swiggy, Uber Eats, Grubhub Inc., DoorDash Inc.and Uber can see a surge in food delivery orders because the majority of individuals would prefer to occupy home and avoid travel. The restaurants companies also are adapting to the Pandemic situation.


As per Oppenheimer analyst Jason Helfstein, food delivery businesses can enjoy the surge within the orders as more and more people would be performing from home and wouldn’t be encouraged to travel to a crowded restaurant.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also suggested that UberEats may benefit from this example as more and more people would stay indoors. Not only this, North American delivery company Grubhub.


Contact less delivery

Many of the food delivery companies across the world are contactless delivery methods. Many companies like Postmates, DoorDash, Glovo, Just Eat, and Deliveroo, Zomato, Dominoz, and McDonald’s have introduced a zero-contact approach to their deliveries.

To avail these services, all the purchasers will need to select a replacement option on the appliance before they place an order.
In contact less delivery, the delivery person will keep the food ahead of the customer’s doorstep to avoid the danger of infection. The delivery person also will wait outside to make sure that the order is collected.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. announced on 12th March that it’s getting to offer free delivery from 15th March to the top of the month. They also announced to supply delivery options which will limit person-to-person contact. Moreover, they’re going to also add tamper-evident packaging to make sure sealed deliveries.


Amazon to hire additional 100,000 employees to work

To meet the surge in demand from online shopping thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, Amazon has announced to hire an extra staff of 100,000 employees in the U.S.

Amazon is looking to rent extra part-time and full-time positions for both delivery workers and warehouse. they need also announced to hike the pay of those employees by $2 per hour in US, €2 per hour in EU countries, and £2 per hour within the UK. Currently, Amazon is paying around $15 per hour during a few areas of the U.S.

Amazon has been badly hit by the merchandise shortages and delivery delays amid the coronavirus outbreak. the continual spread of the pandemic has made people avoid going outside and heavily believe the web retailers.

Amazon had said that a lot of of their popular brands and items were out of stock, while many of them were taking longer to deliver than usual. This made them put a notice that reads: “Inventory and delivery could also be temporarily unavailable thanks to increased demand. Confirm availability at checkout.”

Not only this, but the same-day or two-day delivery options available to their prime customers have also witnessed delay of several days.

Amazon is experiencing increased demand from the purchasers on several fronts as shoppers still refill online, various services like Amazon Fresh grocery and Prime Now are reporting limited availability because the shoppers were unable to form deliveries.

Amazon has also relaxed its attendance policy for the warehouse workers, in order that they will take unlimited unpaid day off for the month of March.

The company is additionally taking extra precautions at their various fulfilment centres by increasing the frequency of cleaning in the least the sites. they need also informed their employees to sanitize and clean their vehicles and workstations at the beginning & end of all the shifts.

Amazon also has advised their employees worldwide to figure from home until the top of March. This directive is applicable for all the workers at Amazon’s corporate offices.


The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading at an exponential rate throughout the planet . it’s affected businesses across the planet in an unprecedented manner. Many industry verticals are finding ways to sustain this grim period. Whereas, delivery businesses are witnessing a high surge within the delivery orders. because the time passes, we’ll see new ways on how this delivery business deals with this explosion within the order.

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