Website Development for Enterprises Using Node.js

The enterprises have started choosing Node.js as technology choice due to its immense popularity.

There are organizations which use Node.js applications and still are existing in this competition and giving performance.

Node.js includes small modules which are connected together to fulfil required application needs.

It contains small group of applications instead of large application and its code can be easily modified.

node js web development

Benefits of Node.js. web development

1) Rapid Delivery

The competition has led to increase in speedy delivery. The user feedback is incorporated easily with frequent updates which results in rapid delivery.

2) Retention of Developers

One can develop any application with java but developers are interested in learning new technology. So, Node.js application helps to fulfil demand to develop better software using new technology for enthusiastic developers.

3) High Transaction Rate with better performance

There are companies who are benefitted a lot by using this Node.js application.  There is increase in number of request and reduction in response time. The time in which page gets loaded is reduced by half and there is sudden increase in number of transactions with better performance.

4) Better Maintenance and modification

Node.js allows small applications to be developed instead of large application so it leads to easy maintenance and modification in coding environment.

5) Productivity increases

The chunks between front end and back end are broken with subsequent increase in productivity.

6) Neutral language

The java and .net developers use Node.js language easily and can easily work in unix and windows environment.

7) Speed

Concurrency is very difficult to achieve and it leads to poor performance. But, Node.js is event driven technology so it increases the throughput and scalability.

8) Suitable for Enterprise deployment

The reputation of Node.js for deployment is that it is secure, well scaled and easy to learn. There are organizations such as Paypal, LinkedIn, Netflix who are taking the advantages of Node.js web development.

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