Web Designing: The Common Myths Regarding Websites

In an age when we’re talking about responsive web designs and Development, it’s quite strange to see that developers and designers are still struggling with the blatant misconceptions regarding web designing process.

Today, with the help of this post, we’ll try to focus on all those myths once and for all. Read this post in the order to be suitably guided/ instructed to ensure that the web designing company hired by you is not facing the similar myths as well. So, let’s discover what these myths are.

 Myth #1: Your Website Does not Need to Change


 There is a myth most website owner often have, the website once designed need not change. Upgrading, developing and renovating the website is ignored. It is not right if you assume that your web development process has a start and an end. On the contrary, web designing and development process is an ongoing process. One should keep updating, renovating his website just like he do with his offline store. This is to keep yourself updated with recent trends technologies, browser and other devices.

#Myth 2: The Splash Page Works Wonderfully Well for your Website

splash pages

Splash pages are now widely used and preferred by most site owners. If you ask an expert he will suggest you “splash/ entrance” pages have no use and they are of lesser importance. This is not useless but harmful too. Initially, you cannot guess the harm caused, but Splash page actually increases bounce rate of your website. A user cannot find what he is looking for – at the first instance, and eventually, leave the website. So, it is a wise idea to invest in a standard homepage to engage the visitor instead of using splash pages.

#Myth 3: Your website has to exemplify exceptional web design

flash animations

 Your website must have the right combination of easy navigation, breadcrumb and stylish eye catchy designing features. A good website is designed for both Google and users. Your website must satisfy both search engine and user as well. Being ambitious about good design by use of excessive graphics also result in a loss. As graphic and flash make your website slow the visitor will not wait for your website to load, rather than they will refer other websites.

Once again, it’s better to invest in a stylishly designed but functional website.

#Myth 4: I can be as experimental as I want to be


 The one strain of thought which often leads you to go beyond the perspective is, the way you use fonts and colors on your websites. The use of conflicting font results in an actual violation of the typographical best practices (think about tracking, kerning and leading etc). Doing all these do not show the kind of professionalism that your clients are looking for!

So be on your guard against being too experimental with your choices as far as Web Designing is concerned.

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